About us


Our company SIA "BFGS" was established in Riga in 2008.  It has been already many years since we started to offer logistic equipment and logistic containers. Our company offers the wide range of logistic containers.

  • For temperature logistic
    • Isothermal containers, Insulated containers
    • Thermoboxes
    • Cooling systems for Insulated containers
    • Isothermal covers for pallets and ROLL-boxes

  • For warehouse logistic, retail chains and shops
    • ROLL-containers
    • ROLL-boxes
    • ROLL-dolly for plastic boxes and trays
    • Pallet-Boxes
    • Plastic folded boxes
    • Dry boxes
    • Twist lock boxes
    • Display pallets
    • Etc.
  • For packaging
    • Plastic pallets
    • One-way pallets
    • Thermo-insulating membrane for pallets

For seasonal and short-term tasks we offer a renting service for Isothermal containers (thermoboxes), ROLL-containers (ROLL-boxes).

Our suppliers are well-known companies: OLIVO, FEIL, Italiana Contenitori and other European and Chinese companies.

Many years our company supplies products to RIMI, Maxima, Vikotrans, Vici, IKI, Reaton, Baltic Logistics Solutions etc. We are active players on the following territories:  – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and others.