Isothermal containers OLIVO

The insulated containers OLIVO are units without mechanical refrigeration. Addition eutectic or cryogenic cooling allows the maintain temperature required for chilled or frozen products for a period of 24 hours and more. ATP approval. 
French company OLIVO Cold Logistics is a world leader in insulated containers for short logistics. OLIVO Containers it’s system without electric refrigeration and ensures necessary temperature for 24 hours and more.

Basic advantages of using OLIVO insulated containers

  • The Guaranteed temperature from a warehouse up to a shelf in a shop.
  • In one truck without refrigeration can be transported goods of various groups with different temperature:
    -18 °C, 0 °C to +2 °C, +2 to +6 °C (meat, fish, cakes, etc.) and +20 °C.
  • Integration of frozen(-18 °C) foodstuffs in a refrigerated chilled (0 °C to -6 °C) vehicle.
  • Waiting on distribution centre docks and transport at ambient temperature.
  • Economy on fuel for a refrigerator and its service.
  • Waiting at a point of delivery reception area before transfer to display or cold room.

Choosing the right container

Large volume? Pallet base or ROLL-cage? For transporting frozen food? For last-mile logistics? For food or technical products? Find just the container you need in a couple of clicks.

ROLL range (containers with the front opening) and BAC range (containers with the top opening)