795 x 555 x 545 mm


Tehnilised karakteristikud:

Box: L

Runtime [hrs.]: 72

Number of Coolbricks: 14 St./41,8kg

Outside Dimensions [mm]: 565 x 455 x 545

Payload Volume [l]: 53,9

Tare weight incl. Coolbricks [kg]: 46,4

2-8 °C
LogEq offers a family of pre-qualified packagings for sensitive

pharmaceutical goods. Developed in cooperation with major pharma-
ceutical producers and shippers, Pharma Boxes are tested and

qualified for 2-8 °C shipments with transit times of up to 72-96
hours. Qualification protocols for both, summer and winter periods
have been applied.

Properties and advantages
Efficient insulation based on the combination of EPS
panels and Isohood-2L2 insulation foil
No condensation humidity due to Coolbricks
Coolbricks in standard sizes may by used
for 3 different box sizes
Extension of temperature control up to 24 hours by use
of +5 °C PCM-COOLBRICKS possible

Additional sizing options
For customers who need more than one box size, the new
formats M_ii and L_ii offer additional options. Based on the
set of Coolbricks used forthe Pharmabox-S, the three sizes
S, M_ii and L_ii are being operated with identical Coolbricks.
This compatibility reduces stockage and facilitates the
picking process.

Qualified performance
Testing and qualification for a minimum runtime of 72 hours wasbased
on AFNOR S99-700 temperature profiles. All tempera-ture measurements
were taken without additional payload as,,worst-case’’ scenario. Qualification
results for the Pharmabox-Sare displayed on the following page.

Data sheets